Product overview


Customize Skype for Business Routing - simple, quick and safe.
And now completely free!

With SimpleRoute, incoming audio and video calls and instant messages can also be redirected or blocked depending on the origin and the content of the message.

Benefits at a glance

  • Create enhanced routing configurations in minutes rather than hours
  • Script-based - no installation, no third party software on the Skype for Business Server
  • "clean" interface - The Skype for Business Server is not affected by any external application
  • No programming skills required
  • FREE of charge!

SimpleRoute in detail

What can SimpleRoute be used for?

System-wide black list or white list

Block or redirect certain senders / callers.

International calls require different handling

Redirect calls from abroad to alternative response groups and to be welcomed in the national language and distributed to a group of appropriate staff.

Federation control with other companies

  • Include / exclude certain users.
  • Block IMs with certain content , e.g passwords or SPAM.
  • Block specific types of messages (eg, audio / video)
  • Control federation between different tenants.

Block or redirect IM depending on the content

Block or redirect IMs containing certain content, e.g illegal terms, passwords or SPAM.

With colima SimpleRoute Skype for Business administrators can quickly and easily customize the behavior of the Skype for Business Server, in the scope of message routing, to the needs of the company and expand with desired functions.

With colima SimpleRoute, advanced administrators generate easy templates for own Skype for Business SIP routing scripts (MSPL), without needing a deeper understanding of the appropriate scripting language.

They could, depending on

  • Message type (audio / video calling, IM)
  • Sender and receiver, for example, caller / callee
  • Message content (such as keyword in IM)

very easily execute the following actions

  • Reject/ Block  messages (call, instant message)
  • Forward/ redirect

How does SimpleRoute function?

SimpleRoute does not run as an application on the server and does not handle any Skype for Business SIP routing information. SimpleRoute only produces the desired extension function of  Skype for Business Server a so-called MSPL script. MSPL is one of several Skype for Business Server interfaces through which the behavior of the Skype for Business Server can be adapted to meet the requirements of an organization. MSPL scripts contain the instructions necessary for the desired function, which are then processed by the Skype for Business Server itself. This has the advantage in contrast to other Skype for Business Server interfaces that no third party applications must be installed and processing performance is significantly better.

Requirements going beyond the capabilities of the MSPL script interface can be implemented with colima Cerebro, as Cerebro supports more Skype for Business interfaces.

1. Huge time saver

SimpleRoute saves time by simply assembling the desired functionality with the easy-click system.

2. Very easy deployment

SimpleRoute consists of only a single file, no installation, no changes to the system.

3. High reliability

On the Skype for Business Server only Skype for Business scripts are executed, no applications and services are installed.

4. No programming skills required

It can be operated  intuitively by Skype for Business administrators without programming knowledge.

5. It's for free

Really, we are happy when you are satisfied.

Who can use SimpleRoute?

  • Each administrator or customer who wants features that go beyond the standard features of the Skype for Business Server, but do not want to install any additional third party software on the Skype for Business Server.
  • Administrators or customers who do not want to install any additional third party software on the Skype for Business Server for extra features.
  • System integrators whose customers use Microsoft Skype for Business .
  • Manufacturer of accessory products such as Skype for Business media gateways or appliances that want to offer there customers the option of extended, Skype for Business functions through a simple, intuitive interface.


No question! The new version of SimpleRoute is now completely free:
Depending on
Message type instant message yes
Message type Audio-/Video-call yes
Sender (or caller) yes
Message content (keywords in IM) yes
execute following actions
Forward / Redirect yes
Reject / Block yes
Simple, accurate, intuitive creation and editing yes
Graphical user interface yes
Other functions
Processing of all system-wide Skype for Business SIP messages possible? yes
Scaling yes
High availability / cluster capability yes
Free of charge yes

Skype for Business Server Standard or Enterprise Edition

Although SimpleRoute functions with each version of Lync Server 2010, 2013 and Skype for Business Server 2015, we recommend a Skype for Business -Server environment with the latest patches.


We recommend creating a directory in which the customer's MSPL scripts can be stored (eg C:SfBScripts'), so SimpleRoute can save the generated script file there, for this SimpleRoute requires appropriate write permissions.

SimpleRoute Downloads

Full Version (for free)

Feb 2, 2014


System requirements: Microsoft Skype for Business Server 2015 or Lync Server 2010/2013, Administrative rights
**The provisions of colima Software License Agreement apply!
Full Version (for free) Download

System requirements

Microsoft Skype for Business Server 2015 or Lync Server 2010/2013, Administrative rights
  • Reference:

    With the product SimpleRoute we have made very good experiences. It is easy to use, and we could easily start to work with it. In comparison with other solutions, SimpleRoute is a convincing solution for Skype for Business-Routing.”

    Dirk Klippert - Senior Systems Admin Information Technology
    AGT International GmbH - Zurich

  • SimpleRoute und Cerebro

    SimpleRoute provides reliable, script-based Skype for Business routing and is the colima entry level product for the optimization of Microsoft Skype for Business. Requirements that go beyond the capabilities of MSPL scripts can be realized with colima Cerebro modules.