Product overview


Round off your Skype for Business!

Cerebro is a very easy to use, server-centric application for Microsoft Skype for Business. It extends Microsoft Skype for Business, previously missing, but very popular features such as Boss/Admin, Rule based call forwarding, BusyOnBusy or Universal Call Pickup. Cerebro also offers entirely new, smart productivity-enhancing functions.

Skype for Business users can use the features, simple and intuitive, on various devices including pc, smartphones or tablets.

Benefits at a glance

  • Only one product instead of many tools
  • Native Skype for Business technology  = 100% compatible with Small Footprint
  • Easy and intuitive to use and administer
  • Simple license model

Cerebro in detail


colima has released the following modules for Cerebro:

The Cerebro Boss/Admin feature of the delegate feature already contained in Skype for Business/Lync ('SfB'). This feature is also known in the German-speaking countries as 'Chef/Sek'. Cerebro Boss/Admin helps eliminate or simplify multiple communication steps for people who regularly work closely together, such as executive and assistant or among sales teams.
See also Feature description Boss/Admin

Rule based call forwarding

The Cerebro feature 'Rule based call forwarding' allows users of Skype for Business to set up extremely flexible call forwarding so that they are easy to reach. This results not only in a more balanced working environment by relieving employees, increasing productivity, more professional visibility, and more satisfied customers.
See also Feature description Rule-Based Call Forwarding

In Skype for Business Client incoming calls are signaled even if the receiver is engaged. This can not be deactivated with Skype for Business, out of the box. With Cerebro however, all incoming calls can be rejected or forwarded during subsequent calls. The information concerning a rejected call can be sent to the appropriate users by e-mail. Furthermore Cerebro BusyOnBusy functions with Direct Call, Team Call or calls from Response Groups. BusyOnBusy works also with call forward chaining.

Universal Call Pickup

With Cerebro calls to a colleague's telephone can be picked up easily. colima Cerebro supports both the following functions:
- Group Pickup, when the call can be picked up from a defined Pickup Group, and
- Direct pickup, picking up a call from a particular telephone .
Universal Call Pickup with Cerebro functions with Skype for Business Client as well as with any compatible hard phone and with Skype for Business Mobile.

Universal Call Pickup allows users to comfortably pick calls from phone to phone, Desktop Client to Desktop Client and phone to Desktop Client and vice versa. Universal Call Pickup' functions regardless of whether the Skype for Business Client is started or not. Email notifications are also possible for Universal Call Pickup.


Learn more about Cerebro:
- Blog post from IT-Expert Greig Sheridan - Call Pickup: A history lesson, I explain the different types & compare the Lync 2013 CU1 feature with Cerebro.


Be informed automatically when new modules are added.


1. Single product with many functions

Cerebro offers many functions under one roof, which otherwise are obtained and installed through separate tools and Addins, with partially insufficient support, from various manufacturers and could interfere with each other.

2. 100% compatible with Microsoft Skype for Business

Unlike adaptive solutions colima Cerebro is developed  with the same technologies as Microsoft Skype for Business and is directly based on the Microsoft Skype for Business interfaces, so colima Skype for Business products are permanently fully compatible.

3. Small Footprint

Due to the direct set up on the various Skype for Business APIs ,and Cerebro's lean application architecture, it requires very little system resources.

4. Scaling for all sizes of companies

Scaled through the direct set up on the flexible architecture of Microsoft Skype for Business, colima Cerebro will even satisfy  the needs of organizations with tens of thousands of users.

5. Runs on Survival Branch Appliance (SBA)

Employees in the branches were able to use Cerebro immediately.

6. No third-party licenses required

For the operation of colima Cerebro no additional licenses for middleware or other third-party components are required.

7. Only one installation file

A significant simplification of the setup process is achieved by that there is with this Cerebro version only one installation file: Both new installations and updates are done with the same setup package regardless of the Skype for Business Server version. Thus, only one setup file is needed for all platforms (Lync/Skype for Business 2010, 2013 and 2015). This makes it simple and clear for the Skype for Business Admin to install and maintain Cerebro.

Who can use colima Cerebro?

  • Skype for Business administrators
  • Skype for Business users
  • Office365 users
  • System integrators
  • Skype for Business hosting providers
  • Application manufacturers
  • Manufacturers of Skype for Business accessory products

System Requirements

  • Lync Server 2010, 2013 or Skype for Business Server 2015 / Standard or Enterprise Edition
  • We recommend the latest Windows update and a Skype for Business Server environment provided with Patches.

Try before you buy at no risk:

You can evaluate a product for at least 30 days before purchase, allowing you to see and use colima software before you proceed with a purchase. colima provides a fully functional download version of each colima software product for evaluation. What you'll be using during your evaluation is what you'll be getting when you buy. In fact, to activate your commercial license you will simply update your license key.

Cerebro Downloads

Full Version (incl. 45day free trial)

Mar 29, 2016

Cerebro 2.0.70

System requirements: Microsoft Skype for Business Server 2015 or Lync Server 2010/2013, Standard or Enterprise Edition, Administrator rights
**The provisions of colima Software License Agreement apply!
Cerebro 2.0.70
Full Version (incl. 45day free trial) Download

System requirements

Microsoft Skype for Business Server 2015 or Lync Server 2010/2013, Standard or Enterprise Edition, Administrator rights
  • Expert Opinion

    "German developer partner colima has what I consider the best solution in the market," says Greig Sheridan, UC Architect from Sydney, Australia.

  • Reference:

    "colima Cerebro is the best that we have found on the market in terms of Skype for Business standard tools extensions. With Cerebro the benefits and acceptability of Microsoft Skype for Business as a Unified Communications solution has increased significantly at dennree."

    Rainer Porzel
    CIO – dennree Group